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teal avatar 5ACTIVITY: Critique Week #5

Critically reading work teaches you about different narrative form and structure, while receiving a variety of feedback on your own work will give you various reader viewpoints and options to help you edit and improve your own prose.

At nine points over the next 12 months you will provide feedback on the work of your peers and will receive one round of feedback on your own work.

Remember: You only get out what you put in! If you put in little thought or effort into critiquing your peers it is unlikely that they will reciprocate with much feedback of their own when it comes to them critiquing your work. Put in the time and effort and you will find your peers are a generous bunch.



At the start of the year you would have chosen a slot for the first 15 pages of your manuscript to be critiqued by your peers. If this fortnight was your slot to be critiqued you should have been contacted by the tutor to submit the latest version of your first 15 pages. If not please contact your tutor immediately in the Tutor’s Inbox.


If your piece is being submitted for critique this fortnight:

  • Format you piece so it is double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman, with 3cm margins on all sides. Make sure the title is in bold at the top and the byline ‘By [INSERT NAME HERE]’ is in bold below.
  • Please number all pages.
  • Name your file in the following convention: ‘[TITLE] – [AUTHOR NAME]’
  • You are only allowed to submit 15 pages maximum. If the submitted piece is longer or not formatted as specified above, the tutor will reformat your submitted piece and cut off any pages over 15. Please don’t waste the tutor’s time and follow instructions.
  • Your submission must be in Microsoft Word document format (.doc .docx or RTF).
  • Email your piece to the tutor at [email protected] no later than two weeks before your slot begins. If you submit late we cannot guarantee your peers will have the time to review your work.

Two pieces will be critiqued in each of these critique fortnights.


To critique work this week (compulsory):

  • Save the two pieces below to your computer by right clicking on them and selecting ‘save as’.
  • Rename the file:  ‘[TITLE] – [AUTHOR NAME] – [YOUR NAME] Edit’
  • You have ten days to critique these two pieces and post feedback.
  • Make your comments/suggestions via Track Changes in Microsoft Word, or print the piece out and make notes on it by hand. Please note that if you choose to print the piece out and make notes by hand that you will need to rescan your critiqued copy into the computer and name the file with the above convention.
  • Use the critiquing guidelines in Lesson Three to formulate your response to each piece. Pay attention in particular to the aspects discussed in your previous month’s lesson; are the verbs used pulling their weight? Has the author made sure the scene is ‘setting up’ the rest of the novel?
  • Email your feedback to the tutor at [email protected] within ten days of this lesson being made live.
  • Post some overall thoughts and feelings about the work in the Lesson Thirteen Critique Forum. What did you like about it? What did you feel could be improved? How did the pieces make you feel?

Your full critique will be forwarded onto the author of the piece. Make sure you regularly check in, the authors may ask clarifying questions in the Lesson Thirteen Critique Forum in the final four days of the fortnight.


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