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Hello & Welcome To Year Of The Edit Online!

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Any author will tell you the first draft is never the last.

While writing is a long process, revising and editing are often the biggest challenges writers face. Year of the Edit Online, created by Dr Kim Wilkins and supported by your fortnightly tutor Alison Goodman, will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, kill your darlings, and refine your work through structural and copy editing, and the crucial art of critique.

This course is about honing your story into a shiny gold nugget!

Year of the Edit is not a beginner course. This course is for writers who are dedicated to polishing their long form work ready for publication. Emphasising fiction and narrative non-fiction, this course will guide you through tutor-led exercises, video and audio lessons from Kim, and group activities and critiquing.

The best part about online learning is it doesn’t matter whether you live in the city, regionally, interstate or overseas, you can access this course from anywhere, anytime! Successful online learning depends on self-motivation; you only get what you put in. So while your tutor will support you, it is up to you to come online and check things out regularly.

Over the duration of the course, you will be sharing your writing with each other and providing feedback and support for your fellow writers. The more you share and comment upon the work of others, the more comfortable everyone will feel and thus learn more about editing. There will be an exercise and forum every fortnight, as well as nine critiques throughout the year where you will workshop the pieces of your peers.

Share and support as much as you can in the forums, but remember, due to your tutor’s own work commitments, they will only provide feedback on designated critique week assignments as part of YOEline.

Every fortnight, on the Monday, a new audio or video lecture from Kim Wilkins will be made available, along with the supporting material and exercises. At nine points during the year you will critique each other’s work. More information the critique weeks can be found in the next tab.

Your tutor will check their Tutor’s Inbox every weekend, so if you have any course questions, that’s where you can contact them. But please attempt to answer your questions amongst yourselves first in the Q & A Forum. The News & Announcements Forum is where your tutor will put up any essential information – so this is definitely a place you need to check each time you log in.

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At nine points during the year you will critique each other’s work. Once you read this introduction, please go to the YOE Critique Forum and nominate which fortnight you wish your piece to be critiqued in. A maximum of only two pieces will be critiqued in each time slot, so it’s a matter of first in, best dressed. By the end of the course the first 15 pages of your work will have received feedback from your peers.

You must submit your 15 pages for critique a minimum of two weeks (fourteen days) before the first day of your critique session. Any later and we can’t guarantee you will receive feedback. For example, if your nominated critique week begins Monday 30 May, you must submit your 15 pages no later than Monday 16 May. Submissions are required this early so that your classmates and tutor have time to read your piece and develop thoughtful and comprehensive responses. Once you have submitted your piece, it will be forwarded on to your classmates and tutor. On the week of your critique session, your classmates and tutor will post their critiques in the relevant forum.

When you submit your piece for critique:

  • Format you piece so it is double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman, with 3cm margins on all sides. Make sure the title is in bold at the top and the byline ‘By [INSERT NAME HERE]’ is in bold below. You can find an industry standard manuscript template here.
  • Please number all pages.
  • Name your file in the following convention: ‘[TITLE] – [AUTHOR NAME]’
  • You are only allowed to submit 15 pages maximum. If the submitted piece is longer or not formatted as specified above, the tutor will reformat your submitted piece and cut off any pages over 15, even if this means cutting it off mid-sentence. Please don’t waste the tutor’s time and follow instructions.
  • Your submission must be in Microsoft Word document format (.doc .docx or RTF).
  • Email your piece to the tutor at [email protected] no later than two weeks before your slot begins. If you submit late we cannot guarantee your peers will have the time to review your work.

The table below illustrates your nominated critique weeks:

Date Lesson Editing Type Topic Submission for Critique
 2 May 16 1 Welcome Welcome
 16 May 16 2 Structural Overview & Scene Mapping
 30 May 16 3 Critique Crit #1 How To Critique
 13 Jun 16 4 Line Show, Don’t Tell
 27 Jun 16 5 Critique Crit #2  Theresa Smith
 11 Jul 16 6 Structural Primary Characters
 25 Jul 16 7 Line Dialogue
 8 Aug 16 8 Critique Crit #3  Tegan Holmberg
 22 Aug 16 9 Line Viewpoint
 5 Sep 16 10 Critique Crit #4  Fiona Wersin
 19 Sep 16 11 Structural Plot Proportion
 3 Oct 16 12 Line The Power of Verbs
 17 Oct 16 13 Critique Crit #5  John Tobin
 31 Oct 16 14 Line Write Tighter
 14 Nov 16 15 Critique Crit #6  Jillian Jones
 28 Nov 16 16 Structural Secondary Characters
 12 Dec 16 17 Line Clichés
 26 Dec 16 18 Critique Crit #7  Caylee Tierney
 9 Jan 17 19 Line Theme, Tone, & Continuity
 23 Jan 17 20 Critique Crit #8  Michelle Webb
 6 Feb 17 21 Structural Setting & Context
 20 Feb 17 22 Line Sentence Structure
 6 Mar 17 23 Critique Crit #9  Stephanie Topfer
 20 Mar 17 24 Line Your Submission Package


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These forums are set aside exclusively for the use of participants in the Year of the Edit workshop. The forums exist in a different part of the site from the main course, so we recommend bookmarking this page in your browser before heading over there, to ensure you can get back. You can quickly set up a bookmark using Ctrl D (for PC) or D (for Macs) in most browsers.

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Alison Goodman was a D.J. O’Hearn Memorial Fellow at Melbourne University, holds a Master of Arts, and has taught creative writing at postgraduate level. Alison’s most recent novel is Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club, the first book in a supernatural adventure trilogy set in the Regency era. She is also the author of EON (aka The Two Pearls of Wisdom) and its sequel, EONA. The EON/EONA duology has been sold into 18 countries, and translated into 11 languages. Alison is currently working on a new fiction series, and professionally mentors a small number of writers on their book-length projects.

If you’ve got specific questions you’d like to ask Alison, you can contact her through the Tutor’s Inbox forum.

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You can contact the AWM team via email on [email protected], or call the Queensland Writers Centre on 07 3842 9922 during regular business hours, Monday to Friday (Queensland time).

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