writing race iconDid you start the year with a resolution to write more or finish my novel, only to find your energy is starting to flag now that the end of January is looming? If so, you’re not alone. Pop psychology frequently suggests that it only takes 21 days to ingrain a new habit, but research has shown that it frequently takes much, much longer than that.

If you need to get back on track, come join us at our weekly Writing Race on Facebook. We kick things off from 8:00 PM Eastern Time, gathering together to talk about our goals for the evening and dedicate an hour to our craft.

Feel free to drop by tonight’s race and check it out; you’d be surprised what a difference it makes when it comes to building writing time into your schedule.

If you can’t make tonight’s race, but still need some motivation to get back to the keyboard, try checking out LitReactor’s post about forming a writing habit in 2014, Dean Wesley Smith’s advice on making 2014 a productive writing year,  or Chuck Wendig’s 2014 resolutions for writers.

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