Greeting friends of AWM!

Today we are moving our weekly Writing Races to a more user-friendly platform on Facebook. For those who haven’t come along to a Race before here’s what you need to know.

A Writing Race is a self-directed, one-hour writing session done in the company of online peers convened by a Race Captain and moderated by AWM staff.

Captains are sometimes Special Guests – successful writers who share their experience and encouragement. (Tonight we’ve got Jodi Cleghorn! See her website and blog)

We start to gather at about 7:50pm and share our writing goals for the evening. The Writing Race begins at 8pm and finishes at 9pm; during this time you write at your own pace (or edit or scene plan or research).

At half time inspirational writing quotes will be provided for refreshment.

You do your writing in your own private document, just as you always do. The Race Captain will only ask about your word count (or other goals) you achieved during the race. Some Racers like to share their favourite snippet at the end of the race. Racers are all encouraging of each other’s work.

The Race will take the form of a comment stream within the Writing Race Event created on the AWM Facebook page. Just ‘join’ the event and then comment in the stream on the ‘AWM Writing Race’ Page.

We hope to see our writing community grow, so invite your friends and remember that we are here every week!

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