Anne Gracie author photoOur special guest for the writing race this week will be historical romance author Anne Gracie.

Melbourne author Anne Gracie started writing her first story while backpacking solo around the world. Now a full time writer working on her 18th book, her Regency-era historicals are published by Berkley USA and Penguin Australia. A national bestselling author in the USA, her books have garnered many awards, have been translated into more than sixteen languages, and include Japanese mangas, which she thinks is very cool.

Anne provides a wealth of free writing advice through her website. She offers some great insider knowledge into the romance genre, including this great discussion of the ten irksome myths the genre seems to attract.

You can also take advantage of her detailed advice on particular aspects of writing, from understanding Point of View to writing the dreaded novel synopsis.

Fans will be delighted to find they can even read the story behind each of Anne’s novels and how they came into being.


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