AWMonline Writing Race tonight
Tuesday, Writing Race day. See below.

Writers require such a range of talents, alongside the ability to write well and regularly. At the moment, my writing project requires a highly skilled project manager. While I’m none too shabby at work,  when it comes to managing my own writing projects … it’s not so easy. Fortunately I spent a day at home sick yesterday, alternately resting and shuffling papers, so things are looking up.

Writers also need to know the traditions and themes of our genre (so we can then choose whether or not to follow them). We need to have good IT skills. We need to understand the business end of the book, and  strategies for effective self-promotion. We need public-speaking skills. Sheesh!

So here’s a few different writing resources to support you in your multi-tasking…

The Australian Prime Minister has made his Monthly essay ‘The Global Financial Crisis‘ available online. Both hailed as a clear-headed response to the crisis and damned as a one-eyed attack on neo-liberalism, it is none-the-less an interesting read from the point of view of writers intrigued by rhetorical tools. In his critique of the ideological causes of the crisis, Rudd utilises ethos, logos, and pathos with techinical precision. Even just the covershot and two highlighted quotes are exemplar systematic appeals to authority, reason, and emotion.

An opportunity exists for an experienced writer and arts manager: Program Coordinator Position at NSW Writers’ Centre. Hard copy applications by post only will be considered, so get cracking, because applications close Friday 20 March 2009.

Looking for strategies to help you stay focussed and motivated in your writing? Tonight 8-9pm is the second Writing Race for AWMonline subscribers. A Writing Race allows you to work on your writing project alongside fellow writers from around Australia and the world. You’ll be surprised at how your productivity improves when you hold yourself accountable to your peers – who can also support you through the challenges, and celebrate your successes! Log in tonight around 7.45pm, go to Forums (under the Writing Resources tab), and join in the ‘Writing Race 10 March’ discussion topic.

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