AWMonline: writing, rewriting, and e-writing     Lots on my plate, organising AWMonline forum guests and drafting the next e-newsletter, all while sticking to my new coffee budget. So a short post today, with some plum links for writers seeking to improve your craft and your paypacket…

Lynne Truss (Eats, Shoots and Leaves guru) reviews How Not to Write a Good Novel, a must-read for any writer. Sound advice on avoiding mistakes for beginners, delivered with lashings of humour by Sandra Newman (author) and Howard Mittlemark (publisher and ghost writer). For example: ‘A great many plot problems that show up in unpublished manuscripts can be resolved with a single strategy. Know what the chase is, and cut to it.’ Indeed. Reminds me of this hilarious blog post from Justine Larbalestier, where she re-writes Snakes on a Plane to great effect.

Interested in developing a career in the new media industry? The Australia Council has published The Writer’s Guide to Making a Digital Living, "a professional development resource for creative writers. Its primary target audience is any writer (young or old, emerging, mid-career or established) in Australia or overseas, who aims to earn income as a professional creative writer and is interested in how the new media industry can enhance their craft skills and income earning potential."

Yes, please!

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