Australian Writer's Marketplace: reveiwing without reading     Good writing: someone takes an insurmountable writing challenge and turns it into a classic article on reviewing books you haven’t read. In the interest of fairness and balance, I will also include this link on how to review books you’ve actually read.

For those interested in theatre, check out this performing arts blog, and let them know what you think  makes good theatre.

Chris Baty started NaNoWriMo. His personal blog is a lovely surprise, and entirely true.

Lastly, terrible things happen to good writers: the outspoken Chinese writer who was stabbed is recovering in hospital.  The best part of this story is where audience members chased the perps, "snapping pictures with their cellphones as they ran". The worst part is that it really happened. Do the folks at Crikey worry about being stabbed? Chris Masters in The Write Stuff, the magazine of the Northern Rivers Writers Centre, sums up the situation in Australia well: "While limits to press freedom crowd in, there is still enormous power in our own potential – and those stories waiting to be told."

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