Do you have a manuscript lurking in your bottom drawer?  A sneaky story sketch tucked in a shoe box at the back of your wardrobe?  Ever wanted to submit a story to a publisher, but haven’t worked up the courage? Our Writing Races guest for Wednesday (tomorrow) night, Phillipa Fioretti, has done just that!

Phillipa, a former visual artist, wrote the draft of her first book in three weeks.  You read it right, three weeks!  She then followed that up with months of revising and editing.  She entered that draft into the Hachette Manuscript Development Program in 2008 and was offered a two-book contract.  Phillipa has since published The Book of Love (the manuscript she submitted to the Development Program) and The Fragment of Dreams through Hachette.  She is currently working on her third book.

This is your chance to speak with a successful Australian author about how she got her start.

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