Word-lovers unite! Oh, we already have. Nice one, wordie. What, there’s even a blog? And cool wordie widgets that word-lovers can stick on their blogs? And links to cool tools as well?

That’s simply neologistically scrumpilicious!

Amid much mulling over the future of the book, it’s useful thinking about the future of journalism as well. Despite many journalists’ valid concerns over news being created/reported by any amateur with a blog and a phone camera, the creative possibilities of digital publishing combine with the reality that journalists "were always involved in creating the news", to mean that journalists could play an important part in guiding online news research and discussion. So now I’m following Dave Winer on Twitter to understand his take on meta-news and the folly of journos who ignore the interests of their readers.

Meanwhile, the head of Global Business Development at Oxford University Press has blogged "Why Ebooks Must Fail." In a lengthy exposition on the costs of publishing, where he compares publishing to ponzi schemes that use today’s investments to service yesterday’s, Evan Schnittman voices booklovers’ fears that ebooks will sink the publishing industry. In this post, he limits his argument to ebooks as "a stand alone version of an intellectual property", and doesn’t mention new developments that allow for publishing a text in a variety of media – kindle, sony, tree, or otherwise – without the need for expensive reformatting. He promises to address these issues in a future blog, where he’ll explore "the need for blended e plus p models [that] will evolve".

One thing I’ve noticed, in coordinating a digital product like AWMonline: it is definitely the community of users who drive and often provide the content. Australian writers, publishers, agents, competitions, festivals etc send through information each day for me to organise, update, and make available. It’s an honour to hbe part of such an incredible process of mediation, distribution and distribution. So I’d better quit blogging for the day, and get to it!

P.S. At the Writing Race last night, one Racer from Coffs Harbour was in the middle of a floodbound crisis – and still kept writing…  They definitely win the AWMonline Racer prize for the week!

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