Forbes recently released their top 10 richest writers list. JK Rowling was number one (surprise, surprise), earning $300 million in the last tax year. With the combined earnings of the top 10 authors coming to $563 million, Rowling really is in a class of her own. James Patterson was next on the list with $50 million and third was Stephen King with $45 million. Fourth richest author was Tom Clancy with $35 million and Danielle Steel came in fifth with $30 million. It just goes to show that being a successful writer isn’t necessarily about writing. It’s all about diversifying, people. I’m talking film and TV adaptations, videogames, comic books and, in the case of Danielle Steel, perfume. For Ken Follet, who is also on the list, it’s also about a friendly talk-show host called Oprah (his 1989 book, Pillars of the Earth, became a bestseller after she featured it on her show last year).




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