Independent booksellers alert: make sure you are on ZeeMaps at wikibibliotheque.

For writers looking for inspiration, here is a pdf publication of Words to Inspire Writers, a free digital release of the book edited by Gregory Victor Babic and published by F. C. Sach & Sons. It is ‘A perpetual calendar of classic writing-related quotations — on writers, writing, words, books, literature, and publishing — specifically selected to illustrate the writing process and to motivate authors every day.’

Cover of Allison Rushby book 'Blondetourage'

Internationally successful Allison Rushby (AKA Alli Kincaid) is joining us tonight for the Writing Race 8-9pm AEST. Join this friendly and motivated online writing community by logging into AWMonline forums (subscriptions to AWMonline start at $19.95).

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