Us! Speakeasy has been reskinned to match our website and aren’t we looking freshhh…

So here’s what I’m clicking right now:

Write in Your face supports emerging forms of writing practice by young writers, and closes 24 April:

Which made me think about this: and it is now my new fave website, for the look’n’feel.

And then I checked out this new awmonline listing

because I wish I was groovy enough to submit to it.

This one is not writing and publishing news:

It’s just because writers deserve to have our cake and eat it, too.

There. Now I’m going to go and re-read my treasured two-line ‘thanks but no thanks’ email from Nathan Bransford, literary agent. Be still, my beating heart!

What’s your fave writing and publishing blog/website today?

2 Responses to “What's black'n'white and read all over?”

  1. Graham Storrs,

    Very smart! Nice clean look.

    But that PulpOnline site is reall something special!

    • Meg,

      Thanks, Graham!

      Yes, PulpOnline does make the mouth water. Check ‘last month’ for folding houses, they’re incredible.

      I’m currently on a drive to increase our NZ listings in the AWMonline directory. There’s some really interesting applications of new media in creative industries coming in…

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