Topic 1: The Weeks Ahead

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Many of you may have written, or are in the middle of writing, a novel. For others in the class, it may be your first foray into writing. Some of us are blessed with creative inspiration and never have a problem sitting down to write. But if you’re anything like me (and a lot of other writers) it can be hard to get going at first. Whenever that happens, it’s useful to have a ‘bag of tricks’ to dip into. It’s also important to start developing a regular writing practice that suits your life and is flexible enough to withstand some changes.

In this first week, we’ll be covering how to kick start your writing practice and make it regular. Through a series of lessons, audios & exercises you’ll get some words down on the page, touch on routines and the need to finish projects and discover a few handy tricks to get the sentences flowing, instead of staring at a blank screen or sheet of paper!

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This course is divided into four weekly lessons. Over the four weeks we’ll delve into different parts of writing craft so you have a good set of basic tools and skills to help you with your own writing projects.

Here’s a brief rundown of the topics we’ll cover:

    • Getting Started, Motivation and Confidence: Silence your internal editor! Learn to sustain your creative drive, reflect on why you write, and develop some tools to support your writing passion.
    • People and Places: Learn how to take your characters and settings from 2d cliché’s to personalities and worlds a reader won’t want to part with.
    • Beginnings & Narrative: Where to start the story? How should a story be structured? Learn to develop a compelling hook, plot & story structure that will keep your readers furiously flicking until the end!
    • Language and word play: The tools, rules, guidelines and neat tricks you need to strengthen your prose and making it sing.


purple avatar 5Getting To Know You Activity

Writing is an individual occupation, but it is also about being in a community of people who also like writing and this is what this course is about. Working online, you can also feel quite alone, and so sharing details about yourself and being able to read about others will enable you to feel more comfortable in this space.


Introduce yourself to your online writing group. Create a short bio of a couple of details. If you want to, you can attach your picture to your entry.

Here are some things to get you started in your bio.

  • Keep it brief (3-4 sentences).
  • Write about yourself in the third person, as if this introduction would be used to introduce you to a crowd.
  • Use the questions below to help frame your brief bio. You don’t have to use them all, just choose one that will give the group an idea about you.
    • Something you’re afraid of
    • A food you hate
    • What you are reading at the moment
    • Worst habit
    • Last song you sang
    • Something about you no-one else knows (until now)
  • Introduce yourself! Post your image and bio in the forum below.
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