A couple of days ago, the Guardian Blog posted on a particular question that seems to come up quite a bit: should writers plan their novels, or rely on spontaneous outpourings and worry about structure later? The writer of the article doesn’t like the idea of methodically laying out a story, plotting it down to the last chapter before the first sentence is even written. But I have to wonder, without enough plotting, wouldn’t a novel get a bit waffley?

We asked around, and opnions seem to come out at around 50-50 for each side. Some writers plan, some don’t. Some writing teachers will tell you to plan, some will tell you not to. And there’s a whole bunch who do a bit of planning, have a general idea of where their story is going, but jump into the first draft pretty quickly.

Like someone has said in the comments on the Guardian, it pretty much comes down to personal preferences. Figure out which method works for you, and go for it.

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