Will the innovative use of Twitter never end? Following in the footsteps of Paulo Coelho, who serialised The Winner Stands Alone for readers’ mobile phones, crime fiction writer R.N. Morris is serialising a A Gentle Axe in Tweets. For a listing of authors on Twitter, click here and follow to your heart’s content. BTW, is anyone else surprised that Stephen Fry is on the Top Ten list of popular Tweeters? I mean, he’s a terrific writer and all, but he’s up there with Obama and Britney! Which kinda restores my faith in humanity…

Need some inspiration for your writing? For some writers, a picture inspires a thousand words, so enjoy this bookmark site of the most beautiful photos in the land of the w’s. But, remember, no procrastinating in the name of research! If you need a reminder on how to write productively in the face of a plethora of online distractions, have another look at Cory Doctorow’s article of useful tips.

Here’s some snippets of current opportunities for writers, but where would you go for more details? Just a little place called AWMonline, people. 

  • The 2009 NSW Premier’s History Awards nominations are due by 17 April.
  • The PressPress Chapbook Award for an unpublished chapbook length manuscript of poetry submissions are due by 30 May.

AWMonline is glad Arts Law's telephone advice service is back!

And some wonderful news … Arts Law’s telephone advice service has been re-opened. If you require advice please call (02) 9356 2566 or 1800 221 457. Hurrah, and well done Arts Law supporters! Truly, they are fleet and wise as Tiny Plaid Ninjas.


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  1. littlej,

    what do you mean ‘kinda’ restored your faith? surely the fact that Stephen Fry is in the top ten should completely restore your faith. until, of course, the inevitable happens and something destroys it again. like miley cyrus getting a publishing deal for her autobiography. oh wait! that’s already happened! oh the humanity!

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