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This Wired post Eighteen Challenges in Contemporary Literature is a thought-provoking summary of issues in contemporary publishing.

From the oft-mooted:

Vernacular means of everyday communication — cellphones, social networks, streaming video — are moving into areas where printed text cannot follow.

To the arguable:

The Gothic fate of poor slain Poetry is the specter at this dwindling feast.

To the right-on!:

Polarizing civil cold war is harmful to intellectual honesty.


Artist Philipp Keel has a designed a KISS Taschen diary (the methodology, not the band). Keel astutely observes that ‘there are three reasons why most people, although they have tried, won’t keep a diary. Not every day is very eventful, it actually takes a lot of discipline to write, and in retrospect, may find what they have written embarrassing.’

Now, as appealing as it may sound to be able to check your day as ‘pushy’ or ‘spying’, but not both, and then follow the prompts to supply a naive comment, Speakeasy maintains that it does indeed take a lot of discipline to write. Check boxes and prompts are a fun way to inspire you to record and observe your life in different ways. But imagine if they published la belle femme bohème Anais Nin’s diaries as a tick-a-box:

Did I enjoy sex with someone shocking and/or inappropriate today?              Yes/No

Something is lost, would you agree?


Wondering where Michael Campbell, formerly of Brisbane Writers Festival, has moved on to? According to the latest Bookseller + Publisher, he’s the new Sydney-based Editor at large for Scribe.


Finally, has anyone noticed it’s a tad chilly ? Is anyone else learning how to operate a pen or keyboard while wearing gloves that transform fingers into woolly sausages? Writing a scene set during a record-breaking heatwave in Cloncurry, while juddering uncontrollably with cold in Lismore?

Fear not, dear bold and cold writers, for there are any number of specialised products targetting your winter needs while providing epic LOLs:



The Lazypatch:

And for bath-time, the Wearable Towel:

So no more excuses, although please promise me you won’t wear them to your book launch …

Happy (warm) writing this weekend!



3 Responses to “Tick-a-box bohemians, slankets, 'n' stuff …”

  1. littlej,

    LOL, this post is hilarious! those snuggie-wearers look cultish. i definitely need some gloves…i type a bit like fat homer in the cold…mashing the keybord…maybe i should order a dialling wand…
    thanks for another great post!

  2. littlej,

    i should’ve said a fat homer simpson…in case you didn’t get the pop culture reference

  3. Meg,

    Thanks for all the great links you send me, littlej!

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