…Don’t worry, we’re not actually posting on Michael Jackson.

Instead, this post recommends one of Bookslut’s very interesting feature article/interview thingies, about The Accident Man by Tom Cain (A thriller. Geddit?).

The article starts with the interviewer’s recount of meetings with Princes Charles and William, which only makes sense once the subject of Cain’s novel comes out. It’s premise is: what if there was a man who, among other things, caused Princess Diana’s accident? The interview with the author clearly illustrates how this book, which could have been a completely exploitative piece of sensationalist junk, became a clever, sensitive thriller.

There’s also a little bit of comment on the eternal Big-L literature vs Genre debate, with Cain quoting and agreeing with an argument made by Lee Child:

The idea that thrillers are peripheral to literature drives me nuts. The thriller concept is why humans invented storytelling, thousands of years ago. The world was perilous and full of misery, so they wanted the vicarious experience of surviving danger. It’s the only real genre and all the other stuff has grown on the side of it like barnacles.

There are a few scathing comments about the so-called literary elite, so beware. But the whole interview is worth a read, as Cain has heaps of really good things to say about his book, writing thrillers, and writing in general. Two thumbs up!


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