Referring to Book Depository as the "dark force [in bookselling] whose name must not be spoken", this article from The Australian considers the possible impact on the price of the book and the cultural experience of book buying if the market is dominated by a "faceless online monopoly".

There are two takeaway messages here: one, the market for books is still strong – it’s just geting trickier for publishers, and therefore authors, to make money from it. And two, buy your loved ones books for Christmas. Check out the Australian Booksellers Association for local stores, or shop online at indie bookstores through Leading Edge.


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  1. Rosanne Dingli,

    Like it or not, The Book Depository knows the book business well, and does a wonderful job of getting books to global readers without the expense of shipping. They sell a good number of my books, and I am an Australian author – so there is benefit there, and not so indirect either.
    The future of books cannot be spelled out, even by futurists: it is however global, without a doubt. My books have gone to places as far flung as the Ukraine, Sardinia and Alice Springs, not to mention Belgium and Germany. I know many Australian writers whose story is the same.
    Shopping online is a matter of choosing among a bevy of prices and shipping times: origin and location are becoming more and more blurred and – in the end – inconsequential.
    It tell you – it’s a village out there.

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