Miss Snark, named in homage to Jennifer Weiner’s blog the Snark Spot, answered questions as part of today’s Online Writing Festival.

She revealed that just this week she took six full manuscripts. That’s great news for writers who are trying to get published.

Miss Snark gets around 100 query letters a week. From which she might ask for 5-7 partials, which leads to 1 maybe 2 full manuscripts.

• 400 a month in queries
• 20-28 partials (50 pages)
• 4-8 fulls

(Plus the 20+ authors she already looks after).

Miss Snark says that the ongoing benefits of an agent for an author (beyond getting them published) include:

1. Keeping them published.
2. Advocating for subsidiary rights.
3. Keeping track of the money.
4. Networking for them. I send info to my authors all the time about various opportunities.
5. I’m their eyes and ears; it’s MUCH more than selling a book.

John Marsden will be joining the forum at 12pm AEST, 1pm Daylight savings time.

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