Have you given the National Library of Australia’s Trove a whirl yet? In five minutes of research, I confirmed a treasured ancestral rumour. Hit print and I had the evidence in hand, which I will share over coffee with an avid audience of brothers next week. The breadth and depth of information available, in part due to PANDORA’s partnership organisations, makes it a national treasure indeed. Writers, enjoy it now before The Great Wipe hits…

What’s The Great Wipe, you ask?

The Great Wipe hath irrayzed much of world culcha, butta few bits of licheracha haveth bn found – pleez help mi choose most bestest 2 exxibit – the curator of a history of the book 2/2/3010

if:book’s HOTBOOK uses this message from the future as the basis for an ongoing, interactive scenario, which teaches students how to ‘find their way to the best writing on the web, and to spot quality across different platforms and genres.’

Here’s some of the latest info from Chris Meade about if:book Australia. Check out the video of his interview with our very own Kate Eltham!



2 Responses to “The Great Wipe”

  1. Lisette Ogg,

    WOW! Trove looks amazing. I can’t wait to share this with my Dad and look up all our stuff. Thanks Meg.. this is a family history nerd’s dream. Imagine the books that could come out of this rich material!

  2. Meg,

    Hi Lisette! Yes, Trove is a fantastic resource for writers and family history nerds both :) Have you made contact with any writers in mongolia yet?

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