From authoring and editing, to distribution and consumption, new technologies are changing all aspects of publishing. So what is the future of the book? Bob Stein, Founder and Co-Director of the Institute for the Future of the Book, and Founder of The Voyager Company will be in Brisbane for a lively discussion on the digital revolution as part of Wordpool: The Future of the Book. He’ll be joined by QWC CEO Kate Eltham, full of ideas from her recent participation in the O’Reilly: Tools of Change for Publishing conference in New York. Bob’s work directly investigates the evolution of intellectual discourse as it shifts from printed pages to networked screens. With the advance of the Amazon Kindle and similar digital readers being introduced into the market, the reality of the way we consume reading materials will evolve as rapidly as the way we now consume music via MP3. Where and when: this Friday 6.30pm, State Library Qld, bookings $20 through QWC’s online shop.

Link rot ate my faves, oh no! Still on e-readers, Sebastian Mary looks at the physical history of the tree-book, and the feral attention economy of the interwebz. Seriously, this article will reconfigure your conceptual framework for digital publishing, so that the iPod analogy suddenly works: "… a device for collating and archiving good, important, digital short writing? I want one!"

AWMonline Writing Race tonight 8-9pm AESTAnd remember folks, the weekly Writing Race is on tonight at AWMonline Forums, 8-9pm AEST. Why don’t you try planning a scene in advance so you can jump in and get writing with us tonight? Or just pop in and check us out – there’s a lot of productive writing being done there, plus some great discussions about different aspects of the craft. All forms of writing and editing welcome – whatever your project, you will produce more in a Writing Race! [You need to be a subscriber to access the forums section of the site: AWMonline subscriptions start at $19.95.]

4 Responses to “The Future of the Book…”

  1. Paul Squires,

    Do you think Amazon will ever release the Kindle in Australia? Any idea why they haven’t done so yet? I’m greatly looking for to the Bob Stein/Kate Eltham gig. It is going to be very lively.

  2. Meg,

    Forget Oz, what about the UK? Recently amazon released a statement that they won’t be releasing a UK Kindle until UK publishers have done more work digitising their backlist.
    Given the size of the Australian market, we’d be a looong way behind the UK in the Kindle queue.
    So, we won’t be getting Kindle anytime soon – which is good, but also bad.

  3. Joanna Penn,

    I’m looking forward to friday’s event as well – it should be great!
    On the missing Kindle, I am finding Stanza on the iPhone to be a great ebook reader – and you can get your own books on there through
    They also have a Kindle format available for download so Kindle users can buy your work – very handy for cross border sales!

    Thanks, Joanna

  4. Meg,

    Hope you enjoyed the night, guys. Did it inspire some new ways to think about writing and publishing?

    Wow, Joanna, you are an expert on ebook reading gadgetry! What are you reading with Stanza right now?

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