Just came across this very interesting site from by the BBC. The WritersRoom ‘identifies and champions new writing talent in film, television, radio and theatre.’ To do this, they seem to survey theatre companies, writing competitions and events, as well as accept unsolicited scripts. According to the success stories on the site, Writersroom has placed new talent on shows like Eastenders, Waking the Dead, and even Doctor Who, and sorted out a couple of theatre residencies and writer-in-residence programs. The website also has links to training and development courses, free script templates, examples of successful scripts that have come through the program, and interviews with a bunch of TV writers.

Ain’t that fab? What a great idea – an organisation with as much clout as the BBC actively scouring the crop of wannabe writers in the UK, picking out the best ones, and actually giving them jobs. It just seems really exciting, doesn’t it?

Of course, the BBC was probably getting a tonne of unsolicited scripts every week anyway, and developing a single website, and a single point of contact for all those unsolicited scripts, totally makes sense. A one-stop-shop telling writers exactly what to do and exactly where to go? We’re fond of that sort of thing, here at AWM.

Do you know what the best news is? The Beeb is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world, and they want fresh talent.

And they take submissions from overseas writers.

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