The many 'Brows'.

Last week the AWM held a ‘super futurisitic’ experimental event called Lunch with Sam on Facebook.  It was a manic, super-fast, super-exciting, and just plain super all ‘round, interview with Sam Cooney, incoming editor of The Lifted Brow.  Throughout the interview, Sam graced us with his e-persona, which is overflowing with charm, wit, and industry insights.

Sam admitted to feeling scared taking over the editor’s roles from Ronnie Scott (who is still kicking around at The Brow).  Sam says, “That was one of the reasons I took on the job.  If you aren’t a bit scared about what you do, then maybe you don’t care about it enough.”

Sam Cooney, writer, publisher, reader, and editor at 'The Lifted Brow'.

When asked what he looks for in writing, Sam replied, “Goodness.”  Yes, we giggled too.  Then he got serious, “Newness . . . a new take/angle/perspective, a new narrative voice, a new approach at telling a story.”

Other tips he gave for aspiring writers submitting their work were common sense, but something that some writers neglect:

  • Ensure that you use the correct greeting in cover letters.
  • Let the editor know if you’re submitting the work simultaneously to another publication.
  • Don’t post your work in the body of the email.  Sam says, “It’s not like I’m going to accidentally read it thinking it’s the body of the email and then be like, ‘Thank heavens this writer included their entire piece in the email, so that I could get to it 1.45 seconds sooner.’”
  • Do your homework on the publication you submit to. “Publications are really different.  This is such a good thing for writers . . . I have rejected writing for one publication, and then been able to accept it at another.  This is rad . . . Writers definitely need to think carefully about who they send work to.  No jokes: you’ll have a better chance of sending a piece to two or maybe three places that you know publish the sort of piece you’ve written, than shotgun-submitting to100 publications.”

To read the full interview, and bask in the quick, sharp humour of Sam Cooney, “Writing is sexy.  I’d do it wearing leather and various draped pelts”, see the AWM Facebook page.

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