AWMonline: textbook writers udderly shocked...     I love textbooks. I’ve read far and wide on a range of matters, from marketing psychology to sociobiology, either in researching my fiction writing or just because I stumbled across a textbook that caught my interest. So I’m very pleased that Pearson are doing well on the strength of their textbooks, especially while the publishing industry as a whole is struggling. I wonder if this means that the issues raised in the ASA report into adequate remuneration for textbook authors can now be addressed…

Submissions to the Productivity Commission regarding copyright restrictions on the parallel importation of books are going up on their website here. In particular, check out this one by Cengage Learning, publishers of Australian textbooks. Not only is it an incredibly erudite and concrete argument for maintaining the status quo, but it includes a list of examples of the prescriptive nature of American school textbooks – please take the time to scroll down to Appendix B and be horrified at the possibility of Australian school children not learning where dairy milk comes from, because an udder is censored as genitalia!

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