Craig Bolland is a novelist (I Knit Water), playwright and literary critic. He is an Associate Lecturer at QUT and also has extensive experience in corporate communications and writing for new media.

A friend of mine works as a lawyer for a big firm in the city. He works pretty long hours, but every month or so he finds the time to dash out a short story in his lunch break. These stories are very good. They almost always get published. Knopf has just bought the American rights to his first collection for a tidy sum. He’s over the moon.

In this article, I’ll share the Big Secret that allows him to do so well as a writer while only ever dabbling at the edges of the craft.

First, though, I’d like to tell you about two other friends of mine. One of them, Claire, is a renowned cellist. Last month she played the Royal Albert Hall in London and she’s off to Vienna in June. Claire used to work in the fragrance section of Myer, but on her way home after work a few years ago, she happened to wander into Ellaway’s Music. She sat down at a cello and found that the notes just poured out of her. She’s barely needed so much as a single lesson!

My other friend is an Olympic swimmer. He makes a six-figure income each year from his sport through sponsorships and so on. He’s a solid bet for a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. My friend never trains. He doesn’t need to, he’s that talented. He lives solely on a diet of pizza and cola. He’s grossly overweight. He spends most of his days in bed, is depressed and alcoholic and …

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