Want to understand the interwebz better, especially as it relates to writing and publishing? Then The Machine is Us/ing Us is compulsory viewing. Michael Wesch (a.k.a. ‘the explainer’), cultural anthropologist who explores the impact of new media on society, gives the history and future potential of a database-backed worldwide web in one 5 minute video.

A perfect example of Web 2.0 publishing is Such Tweet Sorrow, a Royal Shakespeare Company retelling of Romeo and Juliet via Twitter. Actors refer to thorough character treatments to improvise their own tweets of the classic tale in a contemporary setting. You can see the play @Such_Tweet. Read, reply, retweet – it’s more than a play, it’s a community:

@ LaurenceFriar: In my small town the big problem is family feuding. montagues & capulets. Would love 2 talk 2 others about how to deal with *that* problem.

Speaking of communities, you can join the AWMonline Writing Race crew tonight for your opportunity to write alongside accomplished and intriguing Australian author, Linda Jaivin:

picture of author Linda Jaivin

Author Linda Jaivin

The story so far: eight books (six fiction, two non-fiction), many of which have been published internationally as well as in Australia and appeared on bestseller lists; countless published essays, short stories and other published pieces; several produced plays and a number of translations from Chinese including movie subtitles. I also write on art and culture and appear from time to time on television programs such as the ABC’s Q&A.

Linda will be working hard to meet her writing deadlines – join us to help meet yours!

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