Why Writers Drink Tea

What’s the link between the tea room and the creative process? Our Year of the Novel blogger, Caro, looks at the link between downtime and getting the work done. I did some work with the theatre and film company a few years ago, and the organisation went to a lot of trouble to engage with … Continue reading »


Which parts of the internet are you grateful for? Our Year of the Novel blogger, Caro, muses about the sites she’s found useful for research and inspiration. I think I speak for most writers when I say the internet gives us a lot to be grateful for. Did your character run away to the Appalachian … Continue reading »


It’s winter in Queensland, and the cold weather has our Year of the Novel blogger, Caro, reflecting on day-to-day doubts that plague all writers and the larger fear waiting in reserve…. I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, the flu bug that’s going around, or the inevitable talk of apocalypse that accompanies a series … Continue reading »

Characters I Have Loved

Maurice Sendak, author of Where The Wild Things Are, passed away last week. His death has prompted our Year of the Novel blogger, Caro, to reflect on her first literary love and some of the characters who have followed… Since Maurice Sendak passed away last week, the media has been awash with heartfelt tributes to … Continue reading »

Adopted memory

Where is the line between story and memory? Our Year of the Novel blogger, Caro, has some thoughts… Nowadays, the years fly by. But for a seven year old, a year represents a substantial portion of life, or at least life-so-far. So when I arrived at a new primary school a year after most of … Continue reading »