Bundling -v- Pirating

You wouldn’t steal a policeman’s helmet and go to the toilet in it, would you? … So says The IT Crowd in its spoof of anti-piracy warnings, brilliantly channelling consumer frustration with the hypocrisy of Digital Rights Management. A New York Times ethicist entered this controversial territory when he penned a recent piece in which … Continue reading »

Blogosphere re-entry imminent…

Why is it that the more time passes between blogging, the harder it is to publish that new post? To paraphrase writing genius Aaron Sorkin, let’s overlook that I came late to the party, and celebrate the fact  that I turned up at all… Time to catch up on recent events in the blogosphere: They’ve started announcing the Book Bloggers … Continue reading »

Writers online

More facts that hurt my brain: Google estimates there are more than one trillion unique urls on the interwebs, not including dark web pages (not available through public search indexes). I’m at a workshop for writers about Promoting Yourself Online with the inestimably brilliant Kate Eltham.  So what does the enormous complexity of the interwebs … Continue reading »