Taking Five with Amanda Bridgeman

Author of the Aurora series, Amanda Bridgeman talks to AWM about kick-ass female sci-fi writers and how to best consume writing advice (with a generous dash of salt). Amanda Bridgeman was born and raised in the seaside/country town of Geraldton, Western Australia, she hails from fishing and farming stock. The youngest of four children, her three … Continue reading »

Market Profile: In Fabula-divinos

Are you an emerging science fiction and fantasy writer wondering where to send your work? In Fabula-divinos: The Tale Tellers is a fantastic new Australian short-fiction market that’s aimed directly at new writers who have yet to be professionally published. Speakeasy recently caught up with editor Nicole Murphy to discuss what they’re looking for and … Continue reading »

Covers and remixes …

Ever thought about self-publishing your book if you can’t get a publisher interested? For some writers, in some genres, self-publishing is a great option. It can get you published, give you control, and return a greater percentage of profit. For other writers, self-publishing is a deadly mirage: the perils and pitfalls of high setup costs, poor … Continue reading »

Bring it YON!

YONline is on again! The start date for the next Kim Wilkins YONline course offered in the AWMonline Learning Centre is April 1. This course will be tutored by author Belinda Jeffrey, with audio lectures and class content from Kim – meaning you have access to the wisdom and support of two great authors for the … Continue reading »