Friday fry-up…

All the editors/proofers/indexers in the house, say YO! I’ve been gaining first hand experience in the labor-intensive, seemingly never-ending process of preparing a p-book for publication. Proofing ’til my eyes bleed, then proofing some more. But it’s all worth it – the 11th edition of The Australian writer’s Marketplace is nearly at the final hardcopy … Continue reading »

Teaching the machine…

Want to understand the interwebz better, especially as it relates to writing and publishing? Then The Machine is Us/ing Us is compulsory viewing. Michael Wesch (a.k.a. ‘the explainer’), cultural anthropologist who explores the impact of new media on society, gives the history and future potential of a database-backed worldwide web in one 5 minute video. … Continue reading »

Bundling -v- Pirating

You wouldn’t steal a policeman’s helmet and go to the toilet in it, would you? … So says The IT Crowd in its spoof of anti-piracy warnings, brilliantly channelling consumer frustration with the hypocrisy of Digital Rights Management. A New York Times ethicist entered this controversial territory when he penned a recent piece in which … Continue reading »

Bring it YON!

YONline is on again! The start date for the next Kim Wilkins YONline course offered in the AWMonline Learning Centre is April 1. This course will be tutored by author Belinda Jeffrey, with audio lectures and class content from Kim – meaning you have access to the wisdom and support of two great authors for the … Continue reading »