Latest Guest Updates: Welcome John Connolly, Kathryn Fox, and John Birmingham

We may have been quiet here at GenreCon central, but we’re kinda like a duck: the more serene we appear above the surface, the more furiously we’re working behind the scenes. There’s plenty of exciting stuff to be announced in coming weeks, but we wanted to make special mention of the fact that we’ll be … Continue reading »

Hoffmonsters and Butterfish …

Alice Hoffman (Practical Magic) has discovered a creative new application for Twitter: revenge, After a less-than-glowing review of her new book, she tweeted critic Roberta Silman’s phone number and email address, urging fans to communicate their displeasure with ‘snarky critics’. Fortunately, Hoffman got the number wrong, and Silman enjoyed her weekend away uninterrupted. Neither was … Continue reading »