Writing Race Tonight March 6th (and a recap from last week)

Hello, Amy the intern again. Last week we started off our 2013 Writing Races with a small, eager group of writers who worked on projects ranging from ghost stories to romance, from non-fiction to Australian speculative fiction. We were fortunate enough to be joined by Special Guest Mr Jason Fischer who sped us through the … Continue reading »

Writing Race Tonight

Hello everyone it seems that I made a little mistake when scheduling the first Writing Race of 2013. Please forgive me, it’s my first time. Tonight’s Writing Race will take place at 8pm Queensland Time (9pm for those of you enjoying daylight saving’s time down south, and 6pm for our Western Australian writers). So, gather … Continue reading »

GenreCon 2012 Wrap-up

Last week, The Australian Writer’s Marketplace hosted Australia’s inaugural conference for Australian genre writers, GenreCon. From Friday 2 to Sunday 4 November, a passionate group of genre writers and industry professionals joined together to celebrate genre writing in all its forms. GenreCon 2012 was a huge success and we were thrilled to share the weekend … Continue reading »

Fantastic season at the Writing Races

Last night was our last Writing Race for Season 2 (and also my last race as moderator) and I would like to take a moment to reflect on what a wonderful season it has been. Moderating the Writing Races this season has strengthened my belief that writing should not be a solitary pursuit. As writers it’s … Continue reading »

Creative non-fiction opportunity

Here’s a great opportunity for creative non-fiction writers… The U.S. quarterly magazine Creative Nonfiction, in association with the Australian arts company tashmadada, seeks new essays for a special “Australia” issue. They’re looking for a variety of perspectives–from locals, expats, tourists, or anyone else–and will consider essays of all forms and focus as long as Australia’s … Continue reading »

Peter M. Ball: Working past writing road blocks

At last night’s Writing Race, speculative fiction author Peter M. Ball gave us some great insights into his writing process and some tips for getting past those pesky writing road blocks. Author Peter M. Ball with Spokesbear Finding inspiration I usually find inspiration at the intersection of two or three ideas that don’t really seem … Continue reading »

Kim Falconer: Tips for planning your next story

Hi, I’m Perry, the new AWM intern, and last week was my first ever Writing Race. Writing Races are totally back with a bang for Season 2. Last night we welcomed special guest, fantasy author Kim Falconer, who gave us some great insights into how she plans her writing and how to get the best … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-up…

Positive new moves by indie publishers and public libraries help ‘introduce a new generation of writers to a new generation of readers’ – I love it when people take advantage of changes in the existing industry structure to forge innovative and meaningful new pathways! But a bit of vitriol works sometimes, too: "Too bad, so … Continue reading »