Special Guest Charlotte Nash at the Writing Race Tonight

Good morning everyone, Amy the intern back again. Last week was particularly quiet on the forums, but never fear, I kept writing on into the night with my faithful hound and a cup of tea for company. I was inspired by the words of American author E.L. Doctorow: ‘Writing a novel is like driving a … Continue reading »

Writing Race 20th March – Tonight!

Recap of Last Week’s Writing Race Wednesday the 13th of March was a quiet night for writing; thank you to Catherine who joined me. Exciting News: Next Week’s Guest is Charlotte Nash! Charlotte will be coming along as Race Captain on March 27th and I can’t wait for her to join us in the Writing … Continue reading »

Writing Race Tonight! And a Guest Announcement!

Hello, Amy the intern back for my weekly post to update you all on the happenings in last week’s Writing Race, and tempt you to come along to tonight’s Race. Last Wednesday was a cold and rainy night – perfect for settling in somewhere warm with a warm beverage and a writing project. Our small … Continue reading »

Writing Race Tonight March 6th (and a recap from last week)

Hello, Amy the intern again. Last week we started off our 2013 Writing Races with a small, eager group of writers who worked on projects ranging from ghost stories to romance, from non-fiction to Australian speculative fiction. We were fortunate enough to be joined by Special Guest Mr Jason Fischer who sped us through the … Continue reading »

Writing Race Tonight

Hello everyone it seems that I made a little mistake when scheduling the first Writing Race of 2013. Please forgive me, it’s my first time. Tonight’s Writing Race will take place at 8pm Queensland Time (9pm for those of you enjoying daylight saving’s time down south, and 6pm for our Western Australian writers). So, gather … Continue reading »

Gary Kemble: The process of writing

Last night at the Writing Races speculative fiction author Gary Kemble shared his approach to writing and some tips about what to do when the story stops flowing. Planning I used to be very much seat of the pants but I generally like to have an idea of how the story ends these days. I … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-up…

Positive new moves by indie publishers and public libraries help ‘introduce a new generation of writers to a new generation of readers’ – I love it when people take advantage of changes in the existing industry structure to forge innovative and meaningful new pathways! But a bit of vitriol works sometimes, too: "Too bad, so … Continue reading »

Threads of ideas…

The Traumgedanken project brings hyperlinks to print media, in the form of sewn and appliqued coloured threads that link ideas through the pages – a book about dreams that looks totally dreamy. But why am I suddenly feeling all Black Swan? Speaking of beautiful horror, here’s a great opportunity for writers who like everything from … Continue reading »

Romancing Crime tonight!

What’s that sound – is it the starting pistol of another year of AWMonline Writing Races? Yes! Tonight we start with a bang. Romantic suspense author Helene Young has published two books that began as NaNoWriMo projects, so she is a social writing expert, and will rock the Writing Race tonight! Come and write with … Continue reading »