awmonline is all for a query holiday     There’s an opportunity until the 15th of this month to submit the first chapter of your best, completed novel as part of the Query Holiday at Firebrand Literary. These are truly folks after my own heart: their idea of a good holiday is reading upwards of 200 submissions a day (presumably while sipping exotic beverages on a banana lounge by the beach somewhere). They cover a fairly wide range of YA, non-fic, and spec-fic titles, plus children’s and illustrated titles. You can follow the adventures of one of their agents involved at

Craphound has written a helpful writers’ guide to surviving and thriving amidst the technological temptations that assail us when we front up to the keyboard. Read Cory’s article for ideas to improve your writing routines. It’s great stuff, although I must admit, I sometimes break the rules and do a quick fact-check online in the middle of a writing session – if I have the luxury of a few hours to write, it can help me immerse myself in the topic of my wild imaginings.

What about you .. Any top tips to add? Does internet access help or hinder your writing?

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  1. Ms Kim,

    I love your gorgeous Oxford commas, Ms Speakeasy. They make me proud.

  2. admin,


    I’m a happy apprentice in the writers guild!

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