According to The Age and the Guardian, a recently-released Marvel storyline in the Spider-man series has wiped out 21 years of Spidey’s history!

During the One More Day storyline, Peter and Mary-Jane Parker make a deal with a devil-like villian, exchanging the memories of their marriage to save the life of Peter’s Aunt May. The couple married in an issue in 1987, and according to Marvel, their marriage has been a problem for writers ever since.

Convenient, then. The deal with the devil also erases another contraversial storyline: Spidey’s unmasking. Spide-man pulled off his mask at a press conference in an issue released in 2006.

What fans are understandably concerned about is the continuity problems this raises. How will the writers deal with everything that’s taken place in the last 21 years? Will they just recycle the same storylines? Will Spidey just have to fight the same villains all over again? 


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