Australian Writer's Marketplace loves zombie ninjas     Check out Mr Darcy as a Zombie Ninja!

Is it very wrong of me to suddenly find him more appealing?

AWMonline applauds this good idea: Australian Speculative Fiction writers read their work and make it available online:  A great way to promote Aussia SF writers, and to record them for posterity.

Another good idea offers Hope for bushfire victims: Hope is a four issue fundraiser by Aussie SF writers. So you can help raise money for relief for bushfire victims, aaand read some amazing stuff.

Australia is blessed with a vibrant SF community. If you read or write speculative fiction, get involved! There are lots of places to start. Do you have any more links to add?

And best wishes to the Carion South Crew on your last day!!

2 Responses to “Speculative fictories”

  1. Graham Storrs,

    Er, that would be CLarion South…

    …I hope.

  2. Meg,

    Oops, yep. Cearly that’s what I meant – thanks for carifying!

    (Carion – maybe that’s all that’s left after six weeks of critting…)


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