A touch of romance for the weekend with news that Romantic Literature is a booming, and expanding, genre – these days it’s a lot more than just Mills and Boon!

We came across this article at The Australian this week espousing the likes of ‘romantic suspense, Regency romance, urban and paranormal romance, Christian romance, chick lit and romantic comedy’.  And you don’t need to worry that it’s all slush and gush either. According to a NSW PhD student (and award-winning romance writer), ‘The genre is very broad… united by content of a developing relationship between two or more people… They don’t always have emotionally uplifting endings for the characters and readers.’

The article also points you to a site which promises ‘All of the romance, none of the bullshit’, from ‘Smart bitches who Love Trashy books’ and who promise you the ‘straight dish on romance novels’! So if you’ve got your eye on a particular book, but want the heads up before buying, check out their website for a no-nonsense review!   

And, if your novel-in-progress ticks the romantic literature classifcation box, take heart. People will always want to read about love stories, just as we all (secretly) want to be the lead player in a love affair of our own.

Aaah. Ain’t love grand?

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