This website is great! It’s celebrating the short story as an artform, attempting to save it from the endangered literature list. (Seems to be run with the support of, or possibly in support of, the BBC National Short Story Award.) The best bit is that there’s a bunch of short stories available to download from the site, by authors including Ian Rankin, Rose Tremain, Michel Faber, Dominic Green and Katherine Mansfield.

Also in Short Stories this week, we’ve just come across Charleston’s Short Story Festival (That’s Charleston in the UK, not the US). With a full program of workshops and panels, and guests including Anne Enright, Alan Hollinghurst, Lionel Shriver, this festival seems like quite the big deal. Perhaps it’s time to play copycat and set up an Australian version?

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  1. genevieve,

    Allo – did you know, also, about Narrative Magazine? run with support from Tobias Wolff and others. They seem to have quite a bit of dosh for competitions, too.

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