Sharyn November joined The Australian Writer’s Marketplace for a discussion this morning on the children’s and young adult’s market in the US and Australia. Sharyn said 8-12 young adult fiction is hot.

“We see a huge need for them here in the USA.”

Sharyn says the best thing writers for young adult and children can do is to read.

“Osmosis is a highly underrated writing technique. It’s how you learn to identify a good story, a bad story (!), [and] inventive use of language. Tune into your subconscious; remember what you loved to read as a kid; be a realist; make connections with kindred writing/artistic spirits; [and] work.”

Also, Sharyn has “stopped Americanizing books/stories from the UK/Australia/Canada, simply because I don’t think it’s necessary. Of course, the younger the book the more the ‘translation’ is required, because younger kids are still figuring out language.”

“However, one of the problems we do have is “particularization” — i.e., a book is very Australian, dealing with things specifically Australian, that US readers can’t necessarily relate to. One could, yes, say that books about indigenous cultures could cross the boundaries, but more often than not they don’t.”

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