Now, here at AWM, we use computers all the time. However, we are in no position to recommend computers to people, or even know what they’re called other than ‘computers’. (I can tell the difference between a Mac and a PC, and that’s about it.)

So yes, like most of the known universe, we do most of our writing on the ‘puter. But when you’re on the bus, and that perfect short story idea just bubbles up out of nowhere, you don’t really whip out your PC and start typing, do you? Or, I guess you could if you had a laptop or something. But mostly you just carry around a notebook, right?

Perfect for recording little sentence fragments, conversations you overhear, words and phrases that stick in your mind, even songs you think might be good to write with, a good notebook is a nerdy but necessary accessory for most of us. And like all good accessories, prettier is better. Here’s some of our favourites:

Moleskine – not so much pretty, but classic and classy. Comes in a billion different sizes and shapes, too.

Paperchase – I found their website a bit annoying at first, but they’ve got some funky covers, and lots of different sizes. Sold in Australia mostly through Borders.

Galison – Order online. These are pretty.

Ex Libris Anonymous – These are great; the company takes old books, rips the pages out, and re-binds them as notebooks. They look super-cool.

Field Notes – Not pretty, but very nifty-looking.

Brass-etched Steampunk Notebooks – No idea if you can buy these from him, but I’m sure I don’t need to explain why they’re awesome. And yes, I know it’s a do-it-yourself guide. I’d just prefer to buy than make…

Via Alley – Neat little things.

Kikki.K – Cute. Their stores also stock Moleskine.

And if you have the time to hand-sew your own, this 100s and 1000s notebook looks neat!

And there’s heaps more. It’s worth shopping around for a notebook you like, rather than grabbing any old thing out of the newsagents. Like so many things in life, aren’t you more likely to spend time with your notebook if it’s good-looking?



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2 Responses to “Sexy Stationery”

  1. katherine,

    How can you say a moleskin isn’t pretty? My pocket-sized, red moleskine is one of my most treasured possessions. I peer down my nose snootily at all your cute and pretty journals. Nothing like a moleskin!
    Thanks for the link to the brass etched steampunk moleskins – very cool. But way too much hard work to make one …

  2. jodi,

    There is a lady in Brissie who does the Ex Libris ‘take old hardcovers, rip out insides and replace with white paper’ thing if you didn’t want to buy online. She stocks them in Coaldrake’s and I don’t know where else.

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