At Criminal Brief (The Mystery Short Story Web Log Project), The A.D.D. Detective, Leigh Lunden, observes that

Vanity publishing is like T-ball:

Everyone gets a chance at bat, gets a hit, and takes home a trophy.

But don’t expect anyone other than your mom to applaud.

Crossfire of the Vanities is a brilliant post on the benefits and pitfalls of self-publishing. When does self-publishing work, i.e. when is it an appropriate option for you to consider? And when is it simply an admission that your manuscript is "not quite ready for prime time"? Lunden scores some home-truths and home-runs on the artificially level playing field of vanity publishing.

If I had compiled a sweet social history of my family or community, if I was providing valuable trade instructions, or if I were a touring bush balladeer, then I’d be shopping around for an ethical, professional self-publishing company for sure. Otherwise, I’d bear in mind that ‘neither authors nor readers are well-served by self-published fiction’, and keep putting in the miles; editing my manuscript, attending my crit group, putting my bum on seats at writers events and festivals, and generally serving my apprentice. In honouring the craft, the patient pathway to publication is its own reward.

And, remember, avoid the vampirates at all costs!


Speakeasy fell in lurve with Alice Pung when we read her post on Becoming a Writer at The Inc. Blot, the blog of Black Inc., independent Melbourne-based publisher of literary non-fiction, fiction and poetry. Unpolished Gem sounds a treasure indeed.


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  1. Graham,

    Thanks for the link to the Crossfire of the Vanities article Meg. Some really good points made for both sides.

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