She’s retired!

Miss Snark posted her final post, on May 20, 2007. (It consisted of a photo of a fairly adorable dog.) The blog archives will stay online, but comments have been deactivated, and she will no longer answer any questions.

Online since August 2004, Miss Snark’s blog has been one of the best writing resources available on the internet. A New York literary agent by day, she’s been blogging anonymously in her free time, which has been an act of great generosity and dedication to writers and writing worldwide. Most of her advice is (naturally) for American writers, about the NY and US publishing scenes, but a lot of it applies internationally. If you trawl through her archives, you’ll probably find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

Famous for her brutal honesty, Miss Snark should be required reading for any writer even thinking of querying their novel.

RIP Miss Snark

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