Spring has sprung and our brand new baby, the 11th ed AWM, is thriving. It includes a dozen articles by industry experts on aspects of writing and publishing: from multi-platform storytelling by the multiple award-winning Anthony Mullins, to how to win writing competitions by regular judge Dianne Bates. We will be rolling out these articles onto AWMonline over the next few months, so keep checking the Writing Resources section to see what goodies have joined the existing smorgasbord of resources for writers there!

Meanwhile over at if:book USA, Bob Stein proved portentious in his 2006 statement that ‘the truth of Wikipedia lies in the edits, rather than the surface article.’ James Bridle has now published a history of the Wikipedia article on the Iraq War that lays bare the politics behind the edits, usually hidden in the traditional encyclopedia approach.

And our favourite interwebs find for this week is indiebound.org:

The mission of the IndieBound Community is to help people across the United States share and find independently-owned businesses. By connecting indie-conscious people with local businesses, we’re working to strengthen the health of Main Street ecosystems across the United States. Learn more about the community’s philosophy here.

…they have a whole section for bookstores! Here’s wishing we get one for Oz.

Have a great weekend of writing, folks! I’ll be spending the evening tweaking my MS for my last YON tomorrow, with the most awesome Trent Jamieson, debut author of the amazing Death Most Definite. Huzzah!

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  1. littlej,

    you wanna read something hilarious? 13-year-old stylerookie (www.thestylerookie.com) longs for the next generation iPod touch – http://www.thestylerookie.com/2010/09/one-of-them.html.

  2. Meg,

    Great satirical piece… I can’t believe she is only 13 – what an amazing young writer!

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