Just imagine if we could get those government ads about being active and staying healthy to include a bit about reading! It certainly doesn’t fit with any health message we have at the moment. But if fighting the ‘war against obesity’ means reading a couple of books then I guess that’s just what I’ll have to do.

Where is all this coming from you may ask? Well, an American study on the impact of literature on obese adolescents has found that reading the right type of novel may help you lose the kilos. The Duke Children’s Hospital asked obese females aged 9 to 13 to read an age-appropriate novel while they were in a weight-loss program. The novel, Lake Rescue, was written with the help of pediatric experts and included specific healthy lifestyle and weight management guidance along with positive messages and role models.

Six months later, the 31 girls who’d read the novel had a significant decrease in BMI (Body Mass Index) compared to the 14 girls who didn’t read the book.

How amazing is that! Maybe there will soon be a new genre of books out there with positive role models eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

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  1. Sarah Collins,

    I’ve never heard of this before, sounds like a very interesting expierement though. Would be interested to hear more about this!

    – Sarah


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