Speakeasy is very excited to be part of the Queensland Writers Centre blog tour. I am currently away at the Hachette manuscript development retreat, immersed in all things writerly, so the timing is perfect…

QWC: Where do your words come from?

There is a part of my brain that I can’t consciously reach (but which alcohol targets like a guided missile – so I don’t drink) where the magic word potion is brewed. It’s fueled by reading, observation, and play.

QWC: Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I am a total Brisbaniac. I also spent a large portion of my teenage years on the Cold Ghoast, where my fair-skinned and curvacious brunette form was much under-appreciated.

I like to live where tee shirts are emblazened with political slogans rather than advertising ones.

I know more than anyone should about the lived consequences of white-shoe business dealings across the Great South-Beast. In my stories, I like to take revenge for residents of cultural deserts with poorly planned infrastructure. But then, I also have a thing for Monster Trucks, so what do I know?

QWC: What’s the first sentence/line of your latest work?

‘All boobs and bones.’

QWC: What piece of writing do you wish you had written?

My next book already.

QWC: What are you currently working towards?

I am taking full advantage of the critical feedback from the lovely people at Hachette, as well as the intelligent encouragement of Bec Sparrow, and writing my patootie off up here with the gang of eight at the O’Reilly’s retreat. I plan to have completed a second draft of my humourous crime novel within two months. Then I’ll continue with my next project (refer above).

QWC: Complete this sentence: The future of the book is…

… giving me lots of interesting ideas.  Marieke Hardy’s serialised Mbook is an exciting poject to watch unfold. The capacity for digitally enriched content and online community engagement is a rich creative wellspring!

This post is part of the Queensland Writers Centre blog tour, happening October to December 2009. To follow the tour, visit Queensland Writers Centre’s blog The Empty Page

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  1. Michael,

    Can’t wait to read your novel if that opening sentence is anything to go by. Write on Meg!

  2. Joanna Gaudry,

    Hi, Meg. Well done! Joanna

  3. Meg,

    Thanks, Michael and Joanna! Write On to you too :)

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