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There is so much writerly goodness around the interwebz this week, it totally rocks!

The international publishing industry news that came out of the Sydney Writers’ Festival is fascinating, including developments in India, China, and Canada – all very relevant to Australian authors. Stay tuned for an overview of facts and figures in an upcoming post, which will convince you not to fall into the trap of seeing the US market as the holy grail of publishing opportunities. AWMonline plans to follow up through forum discussions with some of the presenters, including literary agents, scouts, and publishers from around the globe.

The crime of romance is a hot topic, with the upcoming Conference on Popular Romance Fiction being held to coincide with the annual meeting of Romance Writers of Australia (Brisbane, 13-14 August). The program covers an incredible range of topics, including cross-genre information that will appeal to a range of writers – I’ll be attending the session on forensics, for sure. Cross-genre romance is an international trend, with Washington Romance Writers also attracted to villainy.

Opportunities for writers abound. Check out Varuna House‘s amazing publisher programs – deadline 31 August. Queensland Writers Centre is running a national program for fiction writers, the Hachette Manuscript Development Program again this year. Last year’s crop resulted in some highly successful projects. Deadline for this year is 24 July.

A couple of final clicks:

Brilliant tips for any writer from an editor’s POV: Jeremiah Tolbert on 5 Lies Writers Believe about Editors. Leave your unrealistic expectations at the door, but do bring a healthy bar tab.

Twitterers, take note of these practical pointers from Chris Brogan on making yourself more retweetable. I love the reminder to leave room in your 140 character budget for the retweet, because people will be less inclined to retweet if they have to edit your tweet: such an astute observation of online behaviour. 

Writing Race Update: Lee McGowan led the Racers to an all-time record of 10,560, bringing us to a running writing total of 61,922 words – the equivalent of a long YA manuscript! 

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  1. parlance,

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about those non-US markets.

  2. Meg,

    As soon as our SWF roving reporter gets back from her current conference, we’ll bring you some more info. I’ve also invited a couple of the SWF presenters (from India and China so far) to join us as forum guests.

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