The full GenreCon program will be released next week, but since we know a lot of you are eager to see what’s in store, we figured we’d offer you a sneak peek of what’s going to be happening over the November weekend.

What have we got coming up? Well, it’s a combination of three things:

1) Presentations by Industry Specialists

There’s a series of presentations and discussions scheduled throughout GenreCon, including the following:


What is the role of the agent in the evolving publishing marketplace? Ginger Clark talks about the changing dynamic between publishers and agents, what authors should expect from agents in the future, and how you can establish and maintain a positive relationship with your agent during this period of publishing turmoil.

2) Workshops with Talented Writers and Specialists

GenreCon is a chance to hone your craft with some of the most talented genre writers in Australia. The following are just two of the six workshops on offer during GenreCon.


Say goodbye to static scenes and get your characters in motion, learning how to direct your scenes with writer and theatre director Karen Miller. Uncover the secrets actors use to block dramatic action, and how these techniques can be used to stoke the drama in your own work. Learn when to use body language to best effect, how one character’s movements should affect anothers, and when it’s best to stay still instead of cutting lose.


Join award-winning author Anna Campbell as she explains how to transform history into fiction. Learn what resources to search out and which details are best used to make your fiction come alive and transform history into a compelling story.

 3) Great Discussion Panels

Between our special guests and our generous program volunteers, we’ve got a great program full of panels addressing craft, business, and research questions that every genre writer faces over the course of their career.


Losing yourself in an intricate and impeccably crafted world is one of the greatest reading pleasures. Learn the art of creating compelling and absorbing worlds with three master world-builders. Whether it’s a stylised representation of our own world, or a place with its own history, magic, culture, and geography, our panelists will give you the tricks, tropes, and practical tools needed to craft the perfect setting for your works.

Chair: Rowena Cory Daniels; Participants: Anna Campbell, Joe Abercrombie, PM Newton


These days writers are more than just storytellers – they’re critics, bloggers, podcasters, and other contributors to a community of readers that exists both online and off. We bring together a panel of online community leaders and authors to discuss the best way to engage with these communities – and the mistakes that can quickly alienate them.

Chair: Kate Cuthbert; Participants: Sarah Wendell, Ellen Forsyth, Kirstyn McDermott


Place can be more than just window-dressing of a story – in the hands of a skilled writer it’s an evocative tool that can be as compelling as the bravest protagonist. Join our panelists as they serve as tour guide for some of the evocative settings they’ve used in their work and discuss the research and experiences that went into their fiction.

Chair: Damon Cavalchini; Participants: Jason Nahrung, L.A. Larkin, Bronwyn Parry

On top of this, the weekend will also have networking opportunities like the Pistols and Parasols Banquet on Saturday night, a pitching program that will put you up close with the publishers, and plenty of conversations in the café and bar.

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    Alas, the tyranny of distance. (Anyway, I lack talent!)

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