I have always admired cursive writing and would love to have the patience and skill to handwrite as beautifully as my grandparents. I was once told by my English teacher that legible handwriting is a necessary skill if I wanted to get into publishing (computers were well and truly ‘in vogue’ then so I think she was just a huge fan of handwriting).

So imagine my dismay when I came across this. Apparently cursive writing is on the out and a hundred years from now, only experts will be able to decipher it. I guess it is all a part of the process but I still like a bit of ‘pen on paper’ action every now and then.

Speaking of ‘the process’ ie digital publishing, Amazon has made the rather nice decision to allow publishers and authors to determine whether Kindle 2 users can use the ‘text-to-speech’ function to hear an audio version of an e-book.

The feature had drawn criticism because of the unauthorised use of audio rights. But this decision is a surprise to most because it is rare for Amazon to reverse a policy decision. (In this era of publishing, there are now so many ways your writing can be disseminated that you need to know exactly what rights you have over your work. The Australian Copyright Council’s 2009 program will be starting soon with all sorts of info on copyright. Check out the program for when they are in a town near you.

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