In addition to our collection of Best Books lists, we thought we’d bring you a few other cool things we found in 2007.

We’ve already blogged on the Book Covers Blog’s neatest (or nuttiest) bookcases, but there’s one or two other good lists of stuff floating around.

BoingBoing’s just done a list of favourite charitable organisations for 2007, to encourage Christmas giving. They’ve also got a list of online shopping sites, for the more commercial side of Christmas moneyspending.

Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books is a completely high-larious blog, with lots of affectionate snark about romance novels and plenty of terrible cover art. They’ve been around for a while, but we just discovered them recently, so there. is a free, online vocab quiz, and for every correct answer, 20 grains of rice get donated through the United Nations World Food Program. The more you play, the more hungry people get fed. Warning, though: this quiz is oddly addictive. We’ve had one or two Sudden Death rounds here in the office, and things can get pretty heated.

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